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طراحی سایت شرکت پارس سوپاله

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طراحی سایت شرکت پارس سوپاله

About Us

Pars Supala Company (PSC) with more than 28 years of experience in providing state of the art telecommunication and & Consulting Services is a private leading global professional services company.
Our range of expertise allows us to respond to clients' complex business needs and to intimately understand each clients' unique core business. This same unique benefit also allows us to provide our services to small companies and at the same time, to some of the largest corporations in the world.
PSC is providing a broad range of services and solutions in:
Data Communication & Networking including design, develop and supplies total solution and MPLS connectivity
Professional & Consulting Services
Outsourcing and Global Management
Integrated Data & Voice products & services

PSC is agent of Vodafone Carrier Services (Cable &Wireless), Zajil Telecommunications Company offers Voice, Data, Internet business solutions and liaison and consultancy services to Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC) and many multinational corporations conducting businesses in Iran and the Persian Gulf Region.
We are focused on delivering solutions and services to make our customers successful. We remain committed to continuous improvement in our services and performance. PSC‘s objectives are to transform its strategic vision into reality within the limits imposed by U.S. Export Control (OFAC) rules and regulations.

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تعدادی از وب سایت های زیر بعد از تحویل, توسط کار فرما تغییر یافته است و یا به دلیل تمدید نشدن هاست و دامین, سایت غیر فعال شده است, در صورت نیاز برای نمایش , تمامی کد ها موجود می باشد.

 طراحی سایت شرکت پارس سوپاله

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