The Biggest Joint Gathering of Iran-Afghanistan Founders, Businessmen & High-Ranking

Managers The 1st Intl. Conference & Exhibition of Afghanistan Economic Rebuilding
(RAFEX 2008)

Over 1,000 persons

Of senior managers of organizations and industries, Iranian businessmen and esteemed heads of commercial houses, across the country

Nearly 30 persons

Of high-ranking economic officials of the world and the region's significant countries

Over 100 persons

Of Afghan importers, active businessmen, high-ranking officials and managers

Nearly 50 persons

Of Afghanistan's high-ranking state and economic officials

Nearly 200 persons

Of foreign companies' agents' senior directors located Iran

And over 5,000 persons

Of visitors Iranian companies and organizations' managers and experts


Recognizing outlook of export, investment and trade opportunities with strategic analysis of target markets in Afghanistan

presenting Afghanistan investment chances and priorities in different sectors of Afghanistan, such as industries, mines,

construction, transport, energy, agriculture, animal husbandry, food industries, tourism and education to Iranian investors

Introducing Iranian investor companies, organizations and institutions to the holders of invest able plans and projects in


Creating suitable beds for permanent ties and bilateral and multilateral business exchanges between two side traders

Creating cohesive direct connective networks in trade exchanges of two countries in line with easy access to information

and facilitate of communication

presenting goods and services as well as introducing technological developments

Recognizing export markets and parallel and complementary economies

Accessing to analytic data and reports on the process of trade development among countries

Creating appropriate opportunity to assay goods and presented services in international competitions level

penetrating into new markets and improving the old ones

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