H. E. Mr. Hamid Karzai

I. R. Of Afghanistan president

"My vision of Afghanistan is a modern State that builds on our lslamic values, promoting justice, rule of law, human rights and freedom of commerce, and forming a bridge between cultures and Civilizations; a model of tolerance and prosperity based on the rich heritage of the Islamic civilization,

Engineer S. Seyed Babaei

RAFEX 2008, Secretary General

"Undoubtedly, performance of The First International Conference & Exhibition on Afghanistan Economic Rebuilding (RAFEX 2008), as the fourth valuable experience of holding international conferences of Surveying investment, export, business and marketing opportunities in lslamic countries is a unique opportunity for the task force, production and capital holders in Iran which definitely take effective step towards the export of their products and technical-engineering Know-how. "

Dr. j. Sanjabi – Shirazi

RAFEX 2008, secretary of policy-Making supreme Council

“Undertaking bilateral cooperative gatherings, summits and conferences in the area of economic affairs with the active attendance of two countries’ governmental and non-governmental sectors is obviously impressive in the international exchanges levels. Now, the first international Conference & Exhibition on Afghanistan Economic Rebuilding (RAFEX 2008) as the fourth step of the permanent Secretariat of Islamic Countries Economic Conferences can be indicator of Iran and Iranian’s public intention towards seizing the first economic power and highly-developed position in the region”.

H. E. Mr. Mohammad Yahya Maroufi

Afghanistan Ambassador to Iran

"The reinforcement of Afghanistan’s economy is one of our chief priorities. The free market system has been introduced and spread across the country. Transferring trade of private sector and compiling investment law in reconstruction and urban development of our economy. Based on the investment law, there is no restriction and obstacle in front of domestic and foreign traders to do business and invest in Afghanistan. To strengthen the trade relations of Afghanistan with the world, in particular the neighboring countries, permanent efforts have been carried out. Iran is among the countries which enjoys the highest trade exchanges with our country. I hope compiling such conferences and exhibition, effective and profitable steps will be taken. "

Dr. Zeighami,

Deputy Head of Iran’s Trade promotion Organization in Marketing & Coordination

To achieve desired position in Afghanistan market, in which deep common cultural and religious items, geographical closeness and consumers’ taste as well as existing other different economic advantages are definite, all of the experts and those who are in charge of affairs should do their best towards the recognition of existing opportunities and the best scientific-practical approaches to increase the share of Iranian goods in Afghanistan market. I hope this conference to be successful in achieving the desired destination which is development of bilateral cooperation in economic and trade fields.”

Farhad Mojallali

Commercial Councilor of Iranian Embassy in Afghanistan

Today, trade development and progress, goods exchange and export of technical-engineering services is regarded as most significant developing engines of the countries’ national economy and enjoys an important share in meeting the countries’ economy. That is why, exploitation of existing opportunities and creation of new chances is considered as a vital strategy. Considering the historical, religious, language and cultural common points of Iran with its friend and neighboring country, Afghanistan, identifying the potentials and providing the investment beds can be placed in line with the two sides’ economic growth.

Khodadad Faghihi

Afghanistan Commercial Councilor in Tehran

“Today, Afghanistan is unlike to the past. To absorb huge investments and investors’ confidence, Afghanistan has undertaking effective measures towards the creation of supportive and independent bodies. As a result, today domestic and foreign investment in the country enjoys a remarkable growth. Realizing the world evolutions, we have endeavored to take new approaches toward the efflorescence of national economy and accompanying with the regional and international economy. That is why we have started a reliable transaction with Islamic Republic of Iran in line with developing trade, transit and using technical know-how in rehabilitation of our country.”

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