In the horizon of the Outlook 1404:

Iran is a developed country, with a first class economic, scientific and technological status in the region, with the Islamic and the revolutionary identification, inspiring in the world of Islam with the constructive and the effective interaction in international relationships.

The commitment of this outlook and its aspects will be impossible, unless through unity of all potentials and thoughts in all levels as well as aspects of this significant and national document which is also approved by the supreme leader.

One of the aspects of this document stresses the inspiring and effective role of Iran in the world of Islam with reinforcing religious democratic pattern, fruitful development, moral society, thought and social dynamism and intellectuality, as well as impressive on the Islamic and regional integration. Obviously, commitment of this importance depends on progress of communication and relations in all political, economic and cultural aspects which needs to apply new and effective methods in this field.

The improvement of trade and economic relations as well as recognition of capabilities from one side and the opportunities from the other side between the countries and the region's people is one of the necessities of reaching the outlook document of Iran. In other words, attaining the first class economic status will be unfeasible, unless trade, communicative and investment chances to be identified between the region's countries, in particular the neighboring ones. Performance of international conferences and exhibitions among countries is one of the tested and effective approaches in this regard. Today, even if Afghanistan is not the land of dreams, but undoubtedly is the land of various and golden opportunities for trade and investment. Considering abundant cultural, language, religious and historical common points, Iran can win this competition and become the pioneer of mutual cooperation comparing other regional and international rivals.

From the other hand, Iran will be satisfied of development in Afghanistan more than any other country. It is clear that common and nearly wide border between the two countries can be a potential chance, but at the same time it can be a threat as far as increasingly puppet cultivation in Afghanistan not to be controlled. That is why creation of investment opportunities and unity of Iranian governmental, private and cooperatives capabilities in Afghanistan reconstruction can definitely change these threats into opportunity. Following successful performance of three conferences of surveying investment, trade and marketing opportunities in countries of Iran, UAE and Iraq, now the fourth program of this kind of international conferences has been dedicated to Afghanistan. The accomplishment of the First Conference & Exhibition of Afghanistan Rebuilding can be a new chapter in the achievements of the Permanent Secretariat of Islamic Countries Economic Conferences.

We hope participation of all governmental and nongovernmental sectors including private, cooperatives and NGOs to support us in keeping on this up-and-down route. We hope to achieve our final goal which is holding one international conference for all countries of the Southwest Asian region at first and later all 57 member countries of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). At the end, keep in mind this fact:

Afghanistan is after investment and to its economic progress; it has targeted the free market as the ? of its developing programs. Obviously, entering this market can be a serious test for entering other free-market-based and competitive markets. So, powerful and qualified entrance to this virgin market will enable us to use of this exceptional chance to absorb new markets.

Developed in accordance with its cultural, geographical and historical circumstances, and relied upon the moral principles and upon the Islamic, national and revolutionary values focusing on the religion of the public, on social justice, on lawful freedoms, on safeguarding human generosity and rights and having social and judicial security.

پشتیبانی:شرکت طراحی سایت نیووب