Members of Higher Council of policy-Making:

Ministry of commerce
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance
Ministry of Industry and Mines
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Agriculture Jihad
Ministry of Road and Transportation
Iran Commercial Development Organization
Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines
Chamber of Cooperation
Eco Representative
State Transportation and Road Maintenance Organization
Afghanistan Consular in Iran
Iran Consular in Afghanistan
Joint chamber of Iran and Afghanistan Commerce
Islamic Consulting Assembly Economic Commission


Trading Bench:

Marketing / Trading / Releasing / Commodities / Exports and Imports

Services Bench:

Tourism Services / Financial Services / Commodities and Industrial Services

Clothing Industry Bench:

Textile / Cloths / Leather / Fabrics

Medicinal and Health Industry Bench:

Cosmetics / Laboratory / Health / Medical Equipments / Medicinal Dentistry

Handicrafts Industry Bench:

Carpet Weaving / Kilim Weaving / Mat Weaving / Other Handicrafts

Building Industry Bench:

Utilities / Steel / pipe and Fittings / Building Materials / tile and Ceramic

Chemistry Industry Bench:

petrochemical Industry / Chemistry Industry / Rubber and plastic

Food Industry Bench:

Fisheries / Food / Agriculture / Meat / Drink

Machines Manufacturing Industry Bench:

Manufacturing Tools / Manufacturing Moulds / Manufacturing parts / Manufacturing Machines / Manufacturing Fixtures

Metal Industry Bench:

Ironware / Sheet / pipe / and Others

Home Appliances Industry Bench:

Decorative / Wood Industry / Metal Industry / Home Appliances / Children Stuff / Gas-fired Devices / Luster / Furniture / Gifts

Consulting Industry Bench:

Research and Development / Training / Obtaining / Standard Licenses

Commission and Specialized Group Works

Commercial Commission:

Exports and Imports Sector Group Work
Marketing and Market Consultation Sector Group Work
Investment Opportunities Sector Group Work
International Trading Law Sector Group Work
Electronic Commerce Sector Group Work (ICT)

Industry, Mine and Energy Commission:

primary Industry and Little Industry Sector Group Work
Exploration and Mines Extraction Sector Group Work
power, Oil, Gas, petrochemical Sector Group Work
Electronic, Computer and Telecommunications Sector Group Work

Civil and Technical & Engineering Commission:

Civil and Development Sector Group Work
Housing and Urban Developing Sector Group Work
Contract Work and Research projects Sector Group Work

Insurance Industry and Banking Commission:

Banking and Insurance Services Sector Group Work
Investment Facilities and Securities Sector Group Work

Commodity Releasing and Costumes Commission:

Costumes and Border Markets Sector Group Work
Tariffs and Costumes laws Sector Group Work

Health, Care and Medicine:

Health, Care and Medical Services Sector Group Work
2. Medicinal products and Cosmetics Sector Group Work

Cultural and Educational Commission:

Cultural Exchanges and Art products Sector Group Work
professional Human Forces Education Sector group Work
Technical printing, publications and Advertising Services Sector Group Work

Road and Transportation Commission:

Transportation and Border Terminals Sector group Work
Transportation Infrastructures Constructing and Developing Sector group Work
Rail, Road and Air Transportation Sector group Work

Agriculture and Husbandry Commission:

Agriculture, Garden and Medicinal plants products Sector Group Work
Husbandry and Domestic Animal products Sector Group Work
Food Industries and processing Sector Group Work

Tourism Industry Commission:

Tourism and Tourism Attractions Sector Group Work
Handicrafts and Local Ceremonies Sector Group Work
Hotel Management and Welfare Residences Sector Group Work

General Duties of Committees:

Analyzing existing situation including opportunities, hazards, strength points, and both states cooperation strategies in

that area.

Description of desired situation and clear and acceptable view based on political, cultural, economic, social existing

opportunities in both states

Considering the problems and obstacles and solutions to pass the existing situation and reaching the desire situation.

Establishing Joints group works, participations of state and non-state sectors of both countries to follow up the realization

of desire situation prospects.

Informing both state officials and following solutions up to result, through permanent secretariat.

Recycling Industry Bench:

Industrial Recycling / Metal Recycling / Semi-Industrial Recycling / Melting and non-Metal Recycling

power Industry Bench:

Computer / Communications / Electronics / Industrial power / Lightening / Audio-Visual / Telecommunications

Insurance and Services Industry Bench:

Banking / Insurance / Customs

printing Industry Bench:

packing / Advertising / printing

Transportation Industry Bench:

Transit / Transportation / Roads

Automotive Industry Bench:

Automobile / Motor cycle / Spare parts and other Related Industries

Mine Industry Bench:

Stone and Minerals / Glass / Granite / Turquoise / Metal Mines

Software Industry Bench:

Website Design / Graphics / Software

Investment Industry Bench

Other Industry Benches

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