The Book of the Selected of Iran's Trade and Industry Domestic & International

reflex of your capabilities and achievements

presenting to all domestic and international guests attending the event

Sending to the Iranian chamber of commerce across the country and Iran's Chamber of Commerce

Sending for all chanbers of commerce throughout Iran and Iran chamber of commerce

Sending to all foreign embassies their commercial sectors in Tehran

Sending to the Iranian embassy's commercial sectors all over the world

Sending to all agencies, industrial and commercial unions of Iran & Afghanistan

Sending to all chambers of commerce across Afghanistan

Sending to all Afghan governor-generalships

Sending to all Afghan industrial unions

Sending to all Afghan city councils and municipalities

Sending to all Iranian governor-generalships and chamber of commerce, industries and mines

Sending to Iran's Trade promotion Organization and supplementary organizations

Sending to all Iranian and Afghan ministries

General informationLanguage (Farsi, English), four-color printing, 7000/copies

Rental cost of every m2 of exhibition space

price (per m2)

Least dimension

1,950,000 Rials 9M2 Domestic companies
$350.00 USD per M2 Minimum 12 M2 Foreign companies

Facilities based on renting every 9 M2 of exhibition space

Attending conference without any registration cost (one person for every 9m2)

Serving one person with lunch for every 9m2 (free of charge, 3 days)

Serving one person with break for every 9m2 (free of charge, 3 days)

Chair 2

Table 1

Lighting 2 100-watt lamp

Electricity socket 1

Installing company's name on the pavilion entrance (Farsi-English)

* If you need more facilities, pls. call the exhibition headquarters' office.

Exhibition (22-24 December, 2008)

1. Opening time 9-18
2. Delivering pavilion to the participants 21 December
3. Restoring pavilion 24 December

Considering your pavilion's dimension, pls. settle the considered sum to the running account number 306053167, Tejarat Bank, Eco Branch, to ENN Complex. Then send its receipt along with the completed form for the Conference permanent Secretariats via fax (021-22903232).

The exhibition's officials are ready to your questions and proposals.

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